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An Actress prepares… but did she choose to be Queen? 

In a world seemingly hell-bent on competing for the spotlight how does one, anyone, maintain sovereignty in the knowledge that only few can shine? How exactly can an actress prepare for a lifetime of acting? Taking his cue from the theatre of Bette Bourne and the Bloo Lips and influences drawn from the teachings and writings of the mother of the acting method, Stella Adler, England’s stately homo Quentin Crisp, the histrionic plays of Maxwell Anderson, Machiavellian and Marxian analysis and of course Oscar Wilde, For Civic Room’s Hubris William Joys presents Masterclass exploring notions of the actress and majesty, authority and teaching, hierarchies and matriarchy. 



Created and performed by William Joys 
Directed by Bernard Walsh 
Produced for Civic Room by Alasdair Campbell
Filming and Editing by Daniel Hughes
Lighting Design by Jazz Hutsby
Dresser – Alasdair Campbell
CCA Technician – Kenny Christie
Lighting Hires from CPE Lighting
Sound Hire from Brand Calibre

Part of the HUBRIS programme curated by Civic Room for Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Visual Art 2021

Supported by Creative Scotland

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